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The Department of Automobile Engineering at MIT was started in the year 1949 and was offering a 3 year undergraduate program in Automobile Engineering. On the formation of Anna University in 1978, MIT has become one of the constituent institutions of the university and hence, the department has also become part of department of Anna University offering 4 years B.E.course in Automobile Engineering in the whole of India, besides offering M.S (By research) and the Ph.D. programs. Besides the academic activities, the department is dynamically involved in the programs of “Centre for Automotive Research and Training” (C.A.R.T). The department is currently headed by Dr. S.Jayaraj.


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 “All of those cars were just a dream in somebodies head” 

Automeet brings you Chennai’s most exotic car show ever through the Royal Auto expo. This is a show where history meets the present. Our unique car expo will have all sorts of elite cars on display ranging from authentic vintage cars to yaw dropping super cars. Car freaks can lure in this February 13-14th and can witness the spectacle of variety of vintage cars, super cars and Super bikes. We promise to excite you with the cars that you might not have even dreamt of seeing in your life time.


The Chennai super bikers club is the well-known home for super bikes. This club from Chennai is basically for the people who love riding and who own a minimum of 600cc and above. They are a non-profit organization working on a motive to bring awareness among the people to use helmets and to adopt safety measures.

Be there and you shall be awestruck by the marvels of legendary automobile engineering.


Automeet 2015, the annual fest of the Department of Automobile Engineering, Anna University the trade-mark event of the department and attracts participants from the entire country. It is a forum for students to extend their horizons beyond theory to apply engineering in arduous, practical scenarios. Besides our challenging and extravagant events, we conduct workshops on the cutting-edge technologies in the industry. These statements are only complemented by the fact that our participation has been astronomically evolving over the years.

Key Points

  • we are committed to satisfy our guests.
  • Our hospitality team will do its best to make sure all your necessities are met
  • Our hospitality team will make sure of a comfortable experience
  • Please contact us for any suggestions or queries.


Our Campus is easily accessible by train and is one of the most well-connected colleges in the city. you can reach us via bus or train, to take a look at our location click here

Key Points

  • From Chennai Central - direct train to Chrompet Station and our campus is right outside
  • From Egmore Station - direct train to Chrompet Station and our campus is right outside
  • From Tambaram- Take a local bus towards Tambaram and reach chrompet bus stop
  • From Airport - walk down to the Thirsulam Station, take a local train to Chromepet station and our campus is right outside


We understand that our guests come to our campus from all over the nation and we will do our best to provide comfortable accommodation. But due to certain restraints, accommodation will be available on first come first serve basis.


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                                                        SAVE FUEL CAMPAIGN

Our dependence on fuel is astronomical but it is an exhaustible energy source. High fuel consumption rates would put the future sustainability of the planet in danger. At a primary level, saving fuel directly saves money. The cost of fuel is high and is increasing drastically. Saving fuel would directly reduce consumer costs. Reducing fuel usage also protects our environment. The carbon foot-print that is produced due to burning fuel contributes to global climate change. Also, the dependence on oil makes us vulnerable to oil market manipulation and price shocks. Also, saving fuel will increase resource sustainability. Using fuel wisely would allow more time to find alternative technologies and fuel that will be more sustainable. The figure below shows the cost of oil imports annually and thereby stresses the economic importance of saving fuel.


Save fuel-Social cause

A lot of technological advances have been made in engines to improve fuel efficiency. Besides, technologies like hybrids have also been implemented to reduce dependence on fuel. Researchers are hard at work exploring new fuels and vehicle technologies:
  • Hybrids, electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are areas of intense research, along with efficient technologies for gasoline and diesel vehicles.
  • Renewable fuels such as ethanol-and biodiesel can help offset petroleum use.
  • Other fossil fuels such as coal, shale oil, tar sands, and natural gas are another possibility.
In spite of this, fuel consumption rates have still been increasing exponentially and thus, it is important for the consumers to be conscious of the amount of fuel being consumed and work on saving fuel.

The following are a few simple ways to save fuel-

  • Avoid idling
  • Clean the trunk and avoid unnecessary weight
  • Keep tires inflated to correct pressure
  • Observe posted speed limits
  • Use A/C sparingly
  • Car-pooling
  • Anticipate traffic flow


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