The thought of buying a car takes years  months of saving and  planning  for this ‘dream’ to come true.
We started this to not to become like other dealers but unlike them. Our motto is selling not like a salesman but like a family member.

This idea started processing when we worked in a dealership ,about this idea where we are benefitting the dealership as our priority but we can benefit ourselves and our customers at the same time. We can offer them much better deals while working individually than working with a company. Dealing in different kinds of cars.

Buying a car is a big decision and its is not decided in one day. A lot of emotions are attached when the whole family sit together and decide. People’s years of saving and investing in a product is not an easy decision. Keeping that in mind we can suggest and help our customers to invest in the best product possible and satisfying them by availing best discounts which they couldn’t have availed otherwise through dealerships.The idea of giving best of the services is that because a lot of emotions are attached with buying a car. And dealerships does this job on a daily basis and has no excitement while doing their job, but we value your emotions and give our 100% while you make your purchase memorable and joyous.


We thought of starting a better solution for our clients that would benefit them in getting better deals than they would get directly from the dealerships because only car is not being purchased but insurance, Finance are purchased along with.

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